• Certification BodyOrion Registrar Inc.
  • Certificate StatusValid
  • Certificate TypePEFC Chain of Custody
  • Certificate ModuleSFI Small-Scale Forest Management for Indigenous Peoples, Families, and Communities
  • Certificate ParticipantsIndividual
  • Certificate ScopeDecking Material
  • Certified OrganizationJLMC International LLC
  • HQ LocationJLMC International LLC-17684
    34650 U.S. Hwy #19 North, Suite 108
    Florida, United States
  • reviewed by adminYes

Certification Dates

Registration Date2016-08-12
Expiry Date2021-08-11

Certified Locations for this Certificate

Site NameCityCountryState/ProvinceAddress 1Address 2Postal Code
JLMC International LLC-17684Palm HarborUnited StatesFlorida34650 U.S. Hwy #19 North, Suite 10834684