• Certification BodyKPMG Performance Registrar Inc.
  • Certificate StatusValid
  • Certificate TypePEFC Chain of Custody
  • Certificate ModuleSFI Small-Scale Forest Management for Indigenous Peoples, Families, and Communities
  • Certificate ParticipantsMulti-Site
  • Certificate ScopeLumber and by-products produced by California and Washington State sawmills Millwork, door components and by-products produced by the Richfield and Red Bluff, California millwork plants Remanufactured products and by-products produced by the Richfield, California remanufacturing plant Bark produced by the Keystone, California fiber plant Poles produced by the Anderson, California pole plant
  • Certified OrganizationSierra Pacific Industries
  • HQ LocationSierra Pacific Industries-14916
    19794 Riverside Avenue
    California, United States
  • reviewed by adminYes

Certification Dates

Registration Date2008-04-30
Expiry Date2021-04-24

Certified Locations for this Certificate

Site NameCityCountryState/ProvinceAddress 1Address 2Postal Code
Sierra Pacific Industries-14916AndersonUnited StatesCalifornia19794 Riverside Avenue96007
Sierra Pacific Industries-14917AndersonUnited StatesCalifornia19758 Riverside Ave96007
Sierra Pacific Industries-14918BurneyUnited StatesCalifornia36336 Hwy 299 East96013
Sierra Pacific Industries-14919Chinese CampUnited StatesCalifornia14333 Perricone95309
Sierra Pacific Industries-14920LincolnUnited StatesCalifornia1440 Lincoln Blvd.95648
Sierra Pacific Industries-14921OrovilleUnited StatesCalifornia3025 South 5th Avenue95965
Sierra Pacific Industries-14922QuincyUnited StatesCalifornia1538 Lee Road95971
Sierra Pacific Industries-14923Shasta LakeUnited StatesCalifornia3735 El Cajon Ave96019
Sierra Pacific Industries-14924SonoraUnited StatesCalifornia14980 Camage Road95370
Sierra Pacific Industries-14925BurlingtonUnited StatesWashington14353 McFarland Road98273
Sierra Pacific Industries-14926AberdeenUnited StatesWashington301 Hagara St.98520
Sierra Pacific Industries-14927CentraliaUnited StatesWashington3115 Kuper Rd98531
Sierra Pacific Industries-14928CorningUnited StatesCaliforniaNorth End Alameda Rd in Richfield96021
Sierra Pacific Industries-14929Red BluffUnited StatesCalifornia11400 Reading Rd96080
Sierra Pacific Industries-14931JamestownUnited StatesCalifornia12001 Lagrange Rd95327
Sierra Pacific Industries-18553SheltonUnited StatesWashington100 Front St98584