TimberStrand® LSL

  • Primary CategoryMass Timber
  • End-Use
    • Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL)
  • Description / KeywordsVersatile building product suitable for a diverse range of applications such as tall walls, beams, headers, joists, rim board, sill plates and more
  • BUY DIRECT URLhttps://www.weyerhaeuser.com/woodproducts/engineered-lumber/timberstrand-lsl/
  • Wood SpeciesAspen, Poplar
  • Sold with the following claimsSFI Certified Sourcing, SFI COC - SFI Volume Credit or 100% as calculated under the volume credit method, X% PEFC Certified
  • Sold with the following labelsSFI Certified Sourcing
  • Product AvailabilityAvailable for purchase at retail locations
  • Product Availability DetailsUS & Canada
  • Associated OrganizationWeyerhaeuser Company and Weyerhaeuser NR
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